Appleton East DECA Tips on Staying Connected

Emilei Klapka │ Appleton East

Networking and Communicating - DECA Tips

Appleton East DECA prides itself on staying connected as a community. Without our members, it is no secret that our chapter would not be as successful as we are today. Members, parents, and the officer team play a key role in the continued success of the chapter and forming of our multiple business partnerships. With the continued dedication from all three of these sources, our network has grown as big and strong as it has ever been! With this great network supporting us, we have had the privilege to keep in contact with our town’s local business network and not only maintain our relationships within the community, but consistently make it grow from the previous year. As our community continues to support us, we try to return the favor year after year with our ever-growing community service events calendar. We are truly grateful for all of our business partners and all they do to support us. That is why we keep them in the loop. Going beyond the mandatory annual visits to renew their partnerships, we actively communicate with them in order to keep them up to date on what Appleton East DECA is up to! We utilize our DECA Connects by sending them out to all business partners, these are like DECA newspapers that show all that we have done and what is yet to come in the near future. Parents also receive these DECA Connects monthly, because they are a great source of support for our chapter as well.

Keeping everybody connected has far more benefits than the continued success of our chapter, though. This steady network has formed new friendships within itself and brought our community closer together as a result. Volunteers are also often times in abundance because of the overwhelming support we receive. All of the mutual support of one another within our community is just one of the many reasons we feel blessed to be at the helm of Appleton East DECA.