Chippewa Falls DECA’s Extraordinary Wish Week

During the 2017-2018 school year, Chippewa Falls DECA held one particularly successful community service event, and that was our annual Wish Week. This year we were able to raise an extraordinary $4,032.20 that went to Make-A-Wish Wisconsin. There were many fundraising activities that happened throughout the week that wouldn’t have been possible without the overwhelming support from our community.

Wish Week took place the week of December 11-15. During this week’s school hours DECA members sold Make-A-Wish T-shirts and pins. The pins correlated with many prizes within our school store such as free candy, slushies, etc. The proceeds went directly to our cause. Chippewa Falls athletic functions such as basketball and hockey games also gave our chapter an outlet to raise more money through T-shirts and pins outside of our student body. We also held Miracle Minutes at each of these functions which had wonderful outcomes. The district’s elementary students also got involved throughout Wish Week by participating in Macy’s Letters to Santa campaign, in which Macy’s vowed to donate a dollar with each letter that was written to Santa. Within the district, our students wrote almost 1,000 letters! Our local coffee shop also helped out by holding scone Wednesday. On this particular day, half of the scone profits were donated to our cause. Many community members came out and supported our mission which was awesome to see!

Chippewa Falls Wish Week involved many community and chapter members who were all bound by the idea of making a difference. There is something that each and every one of us accomplished by making a child’s wish come true.

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