New Berlin Eisenhower DECA Holds Successful Miracle Minute!

Kate Martino │ New Berlin Eisenhower DECA │ Chapter President 


New Berlin Eisenhower Homecoming MDA Miracle Minute

New Berlin Eisenhower DECA is excited to share the success of our MDA Miracle Minute. Myself, Kate Martino, and the rest of our officer team, Ben Schaefer, Justin Choy, and Ben Kizaric worked together to plan this event for our chapter. On September 29, 2017, our chapter held a Miracle Minute during our exciting Homecoming Football Game. This special game usually has a great turnout and we saw this as a fantastic opportunity to spread awareness for the much deserving cause, Muscular Dystrophy Association or MDA.

We held our Miracle Minute between the first and second quarter of the game. Beforehand we coordinated with our advisor, who is our school's head football coach, Athletic Director and announcer to ensure success for the event. The announcer did a terrific job promoting the event during the first quarter so people were ready for it when it was time to start the official Minute. Together we had a total of 12 chapter members scattered throughout both the home and guest stands with buckets. Before the Minute started the announcer read off a short paragraph explaining how it would work and where all of the money will be going, as well as encouraging people to participate and donate.  When we started the time it was on the scoreboard and chapter members were running around trying to collect as many donations as possible. The minute flew by and was over before it started, at least that's what it felt like. All of the members thanked those who donated and went to count the donations and regroup. In total, we raised $624.16 for MDA!

During our re-group session, all our members shared that they had a awesome time participating in the event knowing they were helping people while having fun. Due to the great success of this event and positive chapter feedback we hope to host another Miracle Minute at future sporting events at our school.

The impact of this event was incredible to not only the chapter members that participated but in our school as a whole. We were able to make the MDA name more well known in our school community. Personally, this event was extremely moving to me to see what is possible when people come together for a specific cause. Together the students and parents from our school and the guest school raised over half a thousand dollars. Incredible! I’m so incredibly thankful to have been a part of this extraordinary event!