Rhinelander DECA Prepares for Competitive Excellence

Abigail Krueger │Rhinelander DECA │ Vice President of Community Service

Competition Tips from Rhinelander DECA

For the past two months, Rhinelander DECA has been taking many proactive steps in preparing for the upcoming competition season. Keeping a keen focus on competitive excellence is key to any DECA chapters success, and Rhinelander DECA has found the best method of achieving that goal is hosting regular study sessions.

In order to encourage members to prepare for competition and make it possible for them to understand and comprehend the material, Rhinelander DECA hosts regular study sessions before and after school. During these times our advisor and officer team spends individual time with each competitor helping them research and learn their performance indicators, as well as show them how to take practice tests. Following these steps helps Rhinelander DECA make the study sessions as successful and productive as possible.

  1. Promotion
    • In the effort to ensure that members are informed of all the dates of the study sessions our president, Mason Hageny, creates a group chat of all competitors. He then puts the various dates and times that resources will be available as to remind all competitors on a regular basis.
  2. Variety of Dates and Times
    • The key to regular attendance is making sure the sessions are at different times. For example having some study sessions from 6-8pm allows for athletes to attend after practice, while having others from 4-6pm allows for others to stay right after school and not have to go home.
  3. Variety of Snacks
    • In addition a huge draw to the study sessions is having a variety of snacks for all attendees. The officer team divides up study sessions on a spreadsheet and makes sure that each has food for all the members attending.
  4. Last Minute Reminders
    • Having one mandatory study session a couple of days before competition helps remind all competitors the basics of districts, such as what time the bus leaves, what appropriate attire looks like, and how the day will unfold.
  5. Group Study Sessions
    • In addition to meeting at school many DECA members take advantage of the long winter break to meet at each other's houses to work on projects, take practice tests, and study performance indicators. The relaxed environment allows for DECA competitors to hang out in comfy clothes and have some fun while also preparing for competition.

As a whole Rhinelander DECA has found study sessions to be extremely successful in preparing for all events and levels of competition. Our end goal is to always strive to make excelling at DECA an attainable and fun goal to reach. Best of luck to everyone in their competition endeavors this year!