Sun Prairie DECA’s Best Community Service Events

Erin McNaughton │Sun Prairie DECA │VP of Community Service

Sun Praire DECA's Best Community Service Events

Sun Prairie DECA has been busy the past couple of months! This past fall, we held our annual Trick-Or-Can, Soup With Santa, and coming up we have our annual Mr. Sun Prairie event. It has been a blur of planning the past few months, as you could imagine!

Trick-Or-Can was a huge success. We had over 100 members participating and collected over 10,000 items for our local food pantry, The Sunshine Place. We did so well, that Wisconsin DECA recognized our success as we collected the most items out of all the chapters in the state!

Soup With Santa was extremely successful as well! Soup With Santa is an event where Sun Prairie families come to eat some soup, meet with Santa, and play games and make crafts. We had over 40 families attend, and we raised $900, with a portion of the proceeds going to MDA. Luckily we had great members, who donated 42 soups, allowing the event to go off without a hitch. Additionally, we had a teachers relative offer to be Santa for the evening. It was so much fun to see the reactions of the kids faces when they saw Santa!

Mr. Sun Prairie is one of our biggest events that the chapter profits from, and it is quickly approaching!  To say it simply, it is a pageant for the senior boys in our school! Throughout the years we have gotten encouraging engagement from our community and from the students in our district! We usually have a sold out show, as students and faculty love to watch their friends and students compete! Our event includes a talent portion of the show as well as costume and formal wear. It is a super fun event that our community and school loves to get involved with!

These are great events that we have integrated into Sun Prairie DECA! If you would like more information on some of our best events here at Sun Prairie DECA or the events listed above, please email me at