Sun Prairie DECA’s Work Hard for Trick or Can Success

Erin McNaughton │ Sun Prairie DECA

2017 Trick Or Can Recap


Community service is a cornerstone of Sun Prairie DECA’s mission.

As a chapter, we have worked extremely hard to grow our presence in the Sun Prairie community and we see the good in doing good.

In support of our community we run several events, from our Friday Family Fun Nights to our Entrepreneurship Kids Camp.

We are always on the go!

Trick or Can is one of our favorite events here at Sun Prairie DECA, and one of our most successful. Each year we collect nonperishable food items, baby products, and hygiene products for the Sun Prairie Sunshine Place Emergency Food Bank.

Over the years our event has become more effective and efficient. To get the word out, a few days prior to the event DECA members distributed fliers in their neighborhoods, they also share, like, and retweet our event on social media.

The week leading up to this year’s event, went by in a blur as we planned and coordinated the teams and prizes.

Teams collected food prior to the official collection day so they would have an upper hand before they started going door to door.

On the day of the event, each team was given a designated area within a neighborhood in Sun Prairie. Prior to going out to collect items, the team assembled to go over the rules, and they were then given an hour and a half to collect food items.

After the hour and a half, the teams returned to check in and weigh their food. Teams also counted the number of items they had collected and gave themselves points for the higher priority items (like feminine products and baby items).

The collected items were sorted and the next day we revealed the winning teams! In total the upper middle school and the high school collected 10,200 nonperishable items (which equates to 5,450 lbs.).

We are extremely proud of our chapter and we are so grateful for the amazing members that have helped us have a #limitless year so far!