West Salem DECA’s Tips for Perfecting Your Written Event

Danille Miller │ West Salem DECA

5 Tips For Perfecting Your Written Event

SCDC is coming soon which mean everyone is working on their written event. Written events are a great way to get to ICDC, but can sometimes be challenging. You have already put in so much time into researching and planning your project so why not make it the best that it can be? Here are 5 tips for perfecting your written event:

Tip #1: Set Deadlines and Goals

Making a written event schedule and setting deadlines for yourself is something that is so easy to do, yet many people forget to do it. In addition to following your advisor’s due dates for your paper, set smaller due dates for each individual section of your paper. This will help you avoid having to write your paper the week it is due.

Tip #2: Look at Past ICDC Winning Papers

So many people forget to use resources that are right in front of them. Use your chapter’s past winning papers and ICDC winning papers provided by DECA Inc. as a resource and guide if you get stuck. These papers can help to show what you need in the section if you are confused or can provide inspiration.

Tip #3: Avoid Penalty Points

Penalty points may seem small, but can make a big difference in the end. My written event at state had everything perfect except one roman numeral that was listed wrong. This caused me some penalty points which in the end gave me a 3rd place. If I didn’t lose those points, I would have gotten 1st place. Make sure you check the penalty points list a few times and make sure you have no errors such as page numbers.

Tip #4: Edit, Edit, and Edit Again

Editing is a very important part of completing your written event. When you edit the first time, you will most likely notice many mistakes. I always recommend editing your paper at least three times to catch the mistakes that are hidden in places you wouldn't expect. It never hurts to edit more so if you have the time, edit again!

Tip #5: Have Others Look at Your Paper

Even though you can edit you paper a lot by yourself, having someone else look at it is always helpful. Give your paper to your advisor, teachers, and friends to read over. They may catch mistakes or find something that doesn’t make sense. Giving your paper to someone else is very similar to giving it to a judge so find as many people as you can to read over your paper before printing.