State career development conference

march 1st-13th, 2021

Over 1,400 Wisconsin DECA members work all year long to earn their spot at this conference. This conference promises to be one of the most exciting, competitive and FUN Wisconsin DECA events of the year!

Students can compete in multiple events at the conference and present to industry judges and DECA volunteers to determine who moves on to the International Career Development Conference.

Due to the uncertainty this year, SCDC 2021 was held virtually.

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SCDC Ribbons

Wisconsin DECA Nametag Lanyard png

Advisor - Current DECA Advisor

Director - Series or Project Director

Alumni Membership - Chapter has 10+ alumni members

ELC Pledge - At COW, this chapter pledged to bring students to ELC

Service Associate - A non-competitive member at SCDC who assists with running different aspects of the conference

Voting Delegate - A voting member for the next state officer team

Competitive Excellence -Member took at least 1 practice test prior to arriving at SCDC

President - Current chapter president

Leadership Council - Current member of Leadership Council

SCDC 2019 recap

Stay tuned for our 2021 SCDC Promo video! In the meantime, check out our Recap video from SCDC 2019:
Ready for It!