Leadership Council

The Wisconsin DECA Leadership Council and Ambassador Programs were created to bring Wisconsin DECA members from different chapters together to strengthen their skills, share their knowledge, complete projects for WI DECA, and work with the state officer team.

If you have any questions about Leadership Council, please email widecaleadershipdev@gmail.com.

Leadership Council

Size: 100-150 members

Many members are chapter officers, from all over Wisconsin. LC members attend monthly calls where they hear from other LC members, state officers, and guest speakers. Throughout the year, they assist WI DECA by working on different projects. Some of these projects include:
- Writing blog posts, filming event recap videos, and making infographics for the Leadership Library
- Creating social media content for WI DECA pages
- Putting together videos for the Competitive Excellence Series
- Participating in the Leadership Council Linkedin group
- Assisting at conferences such as Districts, SCDC, and ELC

Applications for LC come out between May and June. Any WI DECA member can apply, and members are chosen based on DECA experience, leadership ability, communication skills, and interest in LC.

Applications: Open - Due 11:59pm June 16th

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Size: ~12 members

The Wisconsin DECA Ambassador program is for returning LC members who serve as district representatives and mentors to the LC program. Most Ambassadors are seasoned competitors and experienced chapter officers. They attend another monthly call in addition to the LC call.

Ambassadors work extremely close with the VP of Leadership Development, partake in a personalized leadership curriculum, and complete additional projects. Some of these projects include:
- Presenting on different leadership topics
- Highlighting different events going on in their respective District
- Connecting with chapter officers in their Districts to promote WI DECA initiatives
- Creating videos for WI DECA pages
- Recognizing LC members who have showcased exceptional leadership

While Ambassadors do have additional duties, their primary responsibilities are those of an LC member. In order to be accepted as an Ambassador, members must first demonstrate active leadership in LC. 

Ambassador Program applications come out at the same time as the LC:  between May and June. Only returning LC members can apply, and members are chosen based on DECA accomplishments, leadership ability, communication skills, and past LC experience.

Applications: Open - Due 11:59pm June 16th

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Check out our Leadership Library

Our Leadership Library lists current members of the Leadership Council and Ambassador programs. It also houses dozens of resources for competitive excellence to leadership development, all created by members of LC and Ambassadors.